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Let it be known to her and browse dress sale shelves at the department stores, long before promenade season. Off-season shopping could be the most fruitful, because shops are unloading last season’s fashions for upwards of 75% off. The department store off-price retailers, like Ross, can often be surprise fun finds for 20 dollars. 00 […]

I love winter season. Breath white in the air, reddish noses and smiles since children are shepherded through the ice to school. Ice upon puddles, warm scarves plus woolen mittens. Chilly nights spent inside chatting, the particular cold bringing us nearer together. A time for snowmen, hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows on the fire, and. mind […]

There are as many types of locks as there are people in the world. For those of us with frizzy hair, however , caring for our locks can sometimes be quite challenging. A few million hair products that will promise the moon to people of us who are blessed — or cursed – along with […]